Agreed-Upon Procedures

Engagement for performance of agreed-upon procedures in respect of financial and non-financial information

Our team performs audit procedures under the agreed-upon procedures engagements in respect of any information relating to your company’s or other economic entity’s activity.

Our specialists are able to perform agreed-upon procedures for separate financial statements figures, one of the elements of the financial statements, whole financial statements, as well as for nonfinancial information.

Based on our audit report on the engagement performed you have an opportunity of more objective and fair assessment of specified activity.

You are entitled to define the purpose of the agreed-upon procedures engagement and the information agreed-upon procedures are to be aimed at, including:

  • analysis of receivables and payables;
  • accuracy of recognised of property, plant and equipment items and capital investments;
  • proper use of financing;
  • tender board results confirmation;
  • local legislation compliance confirmation;
  • assets quality evaluation;
  • corporate management performance assessment;
  • other financial and non-financial information.

In order to get a detailed consultation, clarify the cost of services or request a commercial offer, you can send us a request.


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