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Business Assurance (ex BDO in Belarus) offers medium and large companies, as well as companies with foreign capital, representative offices, IT companies a wide range of BPO services:

  • accounting and tax accounting outsourcing;
  • payroll outsourcing;
  • personnel and military accounting outsourcing;
  • management accounting outsourcing;
  • outsourcing of individual functions of the chief accountant, CFO;
  • development of the company’s accounting policy taking into account the specifics of its activities;
  • HR outsourcing;
  • consulting services on a monthly, quarterly basis on the application of accounting and tax legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
  • other services according to the request of clients (preparation for audits, preparing statements at the end of the financial year, filling out corporate reports according to the standards of various countries, forming group reports in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), consulting clients on working in SAP, preparation of statistical reports of the company, etc.).

The following specialists work in our company:

  • professional tax consultants certified by the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Full members of ACCA (International Association of Chartered Certified Accountants);
  • auditors certified by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus;
  • auditors with ACCA DipIFR diplomas;
  • a large staff of qualified accountants and lawyers who are fluent in written and spoken English (it is possible to attract for communication and presentations to the foreign management of companies).

The specialists of our company have deep experience and knowledge in providing a wide range of professional services to enterprises of various sectors of the economy and business areas. Our company has deep experience and understanding of the organization of business processes in such industries as:

  • IT;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Not-for-profit;
  • Retail;
  • Logistics;
  • Healthcare;
  • Electronics;
  • Public sector.


  1. Do companies need to prepare for accounting (other) outsourcing? No need. After contacting our company, we ourselves will form a plan (schedule) for the transition to outsourcing and, together with the company’s management, we will determine the key points so that the transition process is comfortable for all interested parties. Further, if the company is satisfied with everything, the documents are transferred and we get to work.
  2. How long will it take to transfer to outsourcing? If we are talking about a fairly large company, on average, the transition to outsourcing takes no more than 2 months. The main point to pay attention to is the availability of all necessary documents. Otherwise, the transition may take a little longer. However, with our help, all issues find their solution. If the client is just opening a company, then we fully undertake the opening of a legal entity, registration(s), opening accounts, etc. Thus, the founder of the company will only need to sign a contract and start working.
  3. What should you mainly pay attention to when choosing an outsourcing company? To provide high-quality services to medium, large or foreign businesses, it is better to contact companies that have experience in international audit and consulting networks, because such companies have a wide experience and practice, an appropriate staff of specialists. Of course, the cost of services for such companies will be much higher than for organizations that do not have such experience and have never entered the network and/or have not faced clients’ complex problems that require certain knowledge and experience of narrow specialists in the field (which we have). When a business begins to develop, the competencies of one or another outsourcing company may not be enough, then the management eventually moves to a more experienced and reputable company.

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    Advantages that you will get by cooperating with our company:

    Cost reduction
    You save on full-time specialists and tax deductions to the Social Security Fund
    Insurance against unforeseen circumstances
    Our company has insurance of its professional activity in the amount of 3 million US dollars
    Hedging the risk of the human factor
    Our specialists are interchangeable in case of illness, vacations, unlike the fixed staff of the company itself
    Saving management time and resources
    We prepare high-quality reports for the company's management, report to foreign management
    Professionalism and high competence of our specialists
    Our staff includes tax consultants and certified auditors certified in accordance with IFRS
    Electronic document management
    Saving the time of the company and its management to establish the workflow process
    Simplified communication
    Our specialists are always in touch and ready to answer your questions

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