Women: Interview with Ekaterina Kostinevich, Partner

Женщины в бизнесе
March 8, 2021

Ekaterina Kostinevich, Partner / Tax & Legal, BSO

The company fully adheres to the culture of equality and openness and shares its values. Today 68,5% of the company’s employees are women. We support all talented specialists in their desire to become leaders in their field, help them grow as professionals, build their careers, realize their personal potential, regardless of gender and other stereotypes.

On the eve of the International Women’s Day we discussed with Ekaterina Kostinevich, how to build a successful career in law, talked about women’s leadership and strengthening gender equality.

What do you like most about your position?

I feel passionate about opportunities my work introduces. Often new challenges change your state of mind on how you could help Clients reach their goals. New goals keep you mind refreshed and looking for new thoughts to be brought into life. Having a legal background I had a chance to work with multiple international tax and advisory projects.

What piece of go-to advice do you give someone who is looking to start a career in this field?

I would say young professionals should be ambitious. Ambition drives people to learn something new and not to refrain from challenges they may face during work. Before finding an excuse why you shouldn’t do a certain action think about where it brings you once you succeed.

What do you think makes a successful leader?

Commitment and positive attitude. Every team looks for a mentor who will guide them and support. Positive attitude or positive thinking brings everyone to a new level and gives an inspiration to grow. Being Partner I feel enthusiastic when people climbing their career path.

Why do you think that female leadership is important to the future of the firm?

Female leadership is important part of our strategy. We face multiple case when soft power gives brilliant results. This is not a conversation about gender or equality, we consider, first, women are professionals. Currently, 68,5% of our employees are women. We believe they will guide the future.


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